Affiliated with Fox Valley Technical College

Tech Village is an exciting new student community designed to help your son or daughter be successful at FVTC. Tech Village will support your student’s productivity with high speed internet throughout the building, flexible meeting rooms for private or collaborative study, a computer bar, and common area WiFi. We know that a successful living-learning environment means more than academically oriented housing. As an affiliate of FVTC, we will be working closely with the college to provide a variety of student life activities to foster lifelong friendships, personal growth and team building skills. An onsite fitness center and community room, outdoor recreation areas, and a walking path afford opportunities for a variety of recreational and social activities.



Tech Village is being constructed in an extremely convenient location – only two blocks from the College!


Professional Management and Maintenance

Tech Village will be owned by a seasoned Wisconsin investment group which will keep close tabs on Tech Village operations to ensure a high level of maintenance and care.  It will be professionally managed by a local property management firm with staff dedicated to this property. Staff will be available on site during regular business hours, will be available on call 24 hours a day, and will be accountable to provide a high level of responsiveness and service to the student residents.

Your Student

Roommate Matching

Tech Village and Fox Valley Technical College will work with your student to assist in matching with compatible roommates.


Individual Leases

There are many benefits to individual leasing! By signing an individual lease for your student, you are responsible only for that student’s rent.  You will have no liability for the obligations of the roommates. These include not having to put down deposits on each of your utilities and not having to worry about collecting random amounts from each of your roommate(s). Each tenant will only have one rental rate that will be individually owed, so even if one your roommates are late, you won’t be penalized! This is also something that is very comforting to co-signers, knowing that they will only be co-signing for one person/resident and their portion of the rent. It gives a lot of cosigners peace of mind knowing they don’t have to be responsible for anyone else in the unit. 

What’s Included

rental rates are all inclusive

There will be no additional charges for internet and cable service, high definitionTV programming, water, sewer, electric, gas or trash.


Fully Furnished

No need to worry about buying furniture or renting a truck to haul a couch. Each unit comes fully furnished and needs only the personal items and decorations that your student would like to help personalize his or her space.